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How easy is it to purchase property for sale in Crete?

Purchasing a property in Crete is easy if you are a citizen of the E.U. Otherwise you would have to get a licence from the ministry of defence which is a formality and would normally take about 2 months. Crete is a very popular place for holidays and relocation, giving the purchaser a safe and hospitable destination to buy a home. An important factor is to use the services of a fully licensed Real Estate Agency in property sale. Our property sale services include the following:

How do i know that in Crete i will be presented with the best properties for sale?

We are an independent real estate agency -not a construction company- and therefore we have no profit in presenting you limited properties. Also in case you need other experts or constructors we also can present you independently the right people for your case. Our experience in Crete real estate and in sale of property verifies that you can be our next satisfied customer.

How much is the usual deposit for a property for sale in Crete?

Usually the deposit is 10%, then a pre-contract is formed that expires in about 2 months. We can appoint you to an independent lawyer to help you proceed with maximum safety and speed as possible.

How can i get a mortgage in Crete?

We can appoint you to several banks and propose you the most suitable and competitive mortgage programs available. There are either fixed or variable rate mortgages where you can pay from 5-40 years. Ask us for a free quote.

What other costs are there except the cost of the house?

There is a tax of about 10% for the transfer of the property. However this might be significantly less, depending on other things as well. There is also a small fee for the lawyer, the land registry and a 2 percent fee for the real estate agent.
However there are not any annual taxes or other taxes except these.

Is purchasing a property in Crete a sound investment?

Crete property has been a steadily rising investment for the last decades. The unique geographic location in Europe, the sun, sea and landscape make it the perfect place to invest. Ask us for a quote on the correct type of property for sale, villas-plots-flats and the best properties to invest in, in Crete. We are located in Rethymnon.

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