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RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)

What is RSS ?
How do I use RSS ?
Where can I get a news reader(RSS reader) from ?

RSS is an alternative way to stay informed about events. The Internet is now composed of billions of pages which contain such a wealth of information is almost impossible for anyone to be able to constantly monitor that happens later in the world or the object of interest. Here comes the solution from RSS. Get all the information you want to have from your computer without you having to visit each time the relevant sites.

RSS allows you to grab the content of websites that interest you. You may receive directly to your computer the titles of the recent news and articles you want (or even pictures or video) as soon as they become available without the need to visit their respective websites.

How do I use RSS ?

To be able to use the RSS you should get a newsreader (RSS reader). This program is a special program to which you add RSS pages that interest you and it checks the pages and display anything new. Having chosen a news reader (see below), you should decide what content you want to receive. Search the Internet and your favorite websites RSS pages that interest you and subscribe.

Some browsers (browsers) such as Firefox, Opera Safari, automatically check the pages you visit on RSS and display a corresponding icon when they find relevant content by making the registration process in the RSS service simple for each place. For more details visit their websites.

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Where can I get a news reader(RSS reader) from ?

There are several programs available on the Internet that you can choose what suits you best. Be careful to choose the right program that is running on your PC. Some programs are:


Active Web Reader Windows
The Big Feed Windows
FeedExplorer Windows
FeedReader Windows
BottomFeeder Windows | Mac | Unix | Linux
NewsReader Mac
Dmoz dir All



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- Select from the adjacent column heading you want to be informed
- Right click on the link
- Select from the popup menu "Copy shortcut"
- Paste the shortcut in the address field of the browser

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